East of Western Los Angeles, CA
East of Western Los Angeles, CA


Based in California, but operating globally. Working remotely has enabled us to collaborate with people we never would have otherwise, which we love. So long as you have an Eastside mindset your zip code doesn’t matter.

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We don't have any current open positions but are always excited to meet new people. Interested in website design & development? Send us an email at [email protected]

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We're a small crew of creative badasses who love working with good people on smart projects.

  • Based in Southern California, East of Western is fueled by the punk spirit of its founders, Curtis and Neal. After touring with their own bands fate brought them together in the Southern California indie music scene. Bound by their shared love for music, they began collaborating on various website projects (in between tours) in early the 2000s.
    Drawing inspiration from their DIY roots, Curtis and Neal immediately started by challenging the status quo and building beautiful sites with fully custom content management solutions. And once, they joined forces with the agency Spice Girl, Beth, the team found their stride, creating branding and captivating websites for agencies, production companies, and consumer brands who love working with good people on smart projects.
    While our design expertise remains our signature strength, we also thrive on collaboration. We work seamlessly with others, offering design, development, and white-labeled services for fellow agencies. Our nimble team ensures we can swiftly respond to design challenges, delivering tailored solutions that exceed expectations.
    Punk runs deep in our blood, infusing every aspect of our work. It is the driving force that pushes us to innovate, constantly reinventing ourselves and our designs. We invite you to join forces with us, as we embark on a journey to create something that makes a lasting impact.